Supernatural Lit


(Dates listed are due dates.)

Wed, 9/4:
Read the the packet of Native American Myths.
Annotate - taking special note of how Supernatural elements are used. What is weird about them?
Also, try to make connections between these stories and any other myths/stories you know.  What seems familiar about them?
Be prepared to discuss the stories in class.
AND - bring in a Composition book of 50+ pages.

Fri, 9/6:
Pick a tribe from the list (see link, below), and read 3 more stories from that tribe.  Make a sketch to represent a key moment or idea from each story.  Label each sketch with tribe & story name.
CLASSWORK (done in class):
THEN, Write at least one half page, but not more than one page to answer the following:
Research, where did this tribe live, traditionally? For what are they known? What do these stories tell you about the values/character of this tribe? How are they similar to/different from the other stories we have encountered?  Point to some specific details from the stories.

Tues, 9/10:
CLASSWORK (work to be done in class on 9/10):
Writing a Myth –
Create a draft of a myth of your own which does the following:
Feature some local natural feature (plant, animal, mineral, landscape element) like those in the boxes in class.
You may use the one you already started, or try another subject.
Mythologize the item in a way that reflects your internalized understanding of the native supernatural stories we have read.
Incorporate some common themes and structural and/or stylistic elements from stories we have observed.
Your myth should help convey some life value to people.
Develop at least a couple of engaging characters. (Use some brief Dialogue?)
Use language creatively.
Demonstrate some close knowledge/observation of your subject, as native peoples did (you can research your subject for more information).

Thurs, 9/12:
Read "Hearing the Waters," by Sherri Mitchell.
Word process a one page response to her essay. How do you understand her key claims about stories? Cite some details from the essay. Do you agree that stories can have such power? What stories have been passed to you by your own family or culture that you feel are most powerful? Submit on Turnitin before class starts on Thurs.

Mon, 9/16:
Finish and edit your Supernatural Myth. Submit on Turnitin.
50 points - Summative

Wed, 9/18: 
Submit final copy of your MYTH.

Classwork - Read "Goblin Market", by Christina Rossetti  - Audio Version
Begin working on Literary Lens Activity in small groups.

Fri, 9/20:
Ocean at the End of the Lane - Chs. I-V
Read the Prologue, and up through Chapter V (page 50).
As you read, make some notes on post-its or separate paper:
  • Words you have questions about
  • Good story-telling
  • Uses of “supernatural” elements
There will be a basic content quiz covering these chapters in class on Friday.

ALSO IN CLASS - Finish working on your presentations

Tues, 9/24:
Read Chs VI & VII of Ocean at the End of the Lane - Quiz in class.
Begin Presentations on "Goblin Market" - All groups should be prepared.

Thurs, 9/26:
Read Chs VIII & IX of Ocean at the End of the Lane - Quiz in class.
Finish Presentations on "Goblin Market"

Tues, 10/1:
Finish Presentations on "Goblin Market"

Thurs, 10/3:
Finish reading Ocean at the End of the Lane - Quiz in class (Read through the Epilogue to pg 178)

Monday, 10/14:
Read Mary's Monster. Be prepared for in-class response to it.
Bookmark THREE of the pages you find most engaging, and be prepared to explain why.

Mon, 10/21:
Narrative Vignette due - Complete and carefully written draft.

Fri, 10/25:
Final draft of Narrative Vignette due.
Read "Letter 4" from the beginning of Frankenstein, and answer accompanying questions.
Please BRING YOUR BOOK to class. In class we will read Chs 1&2.

Supernatural Authors Brainstorm

Tues, 10/29:
Read Chs 3 and 4 of Frankenstein. BRING YOUR BOOK to class. Be prepared for reading quiz.

In Class:
Complete Reading Journal that covers Chs 3&4. Make a copy of THIS TEMPLATE, and fill it in with your own original answers. Share with me by end of class.

Thurs, 10/31:
Read Chs 5 & 6 of Frankenstein. BRING YOUR BOOK to class. Be prepared for reading quiz.
In Class: Monster Mash

Monday, 11/4:
Complete Reading Journal that covers Chapters 5&6. Use Template, above.
Share with me before class.

Thursday, 11/7:
Read Chs. 8&9 of Frankenstein. BRING YOUR BOOK to class. Be prepared for reading quiz.

In Class - Read Ch 10 - then take reading quiz over chs 8,9, & 10. Start reading journal due Tues.

Tuesday, 11/12:
Complete a Reading Journal entry covering Chapters 7-9 and share with me.
In class - review reading journals and quizzes. Read/respond to ch 11 - practice passage analysis.

Monday, 11/18: (PUSHED BACK DUE TO NO SUB ON THURS, 11/14)
Read Chs 12-13 of Frankenstein. BRING YOUR BOOK to class. Be prepared for reading quiz.
In class - read ch 14. Quiz on Chapters 11 - 14.
THEN, complete this "Frankenworld" activity in groups of 3 or 4.

Wednesday, 11/20:
Complete a Reading Journal entry covering Chapters 13-14 and share with me before class.
In class - Read Ch 15 of Frankenstein. Reading Focus: How does this chapter qualify as "literary fiction"...?
 Continue work on Frankenworld group activity begun on Monday.

Friday, 11/22:
Read Chs 16-17 of Frankenstein. BRING YOUR BOOK to class. Be prepared for reading quiz.
In class - Read Ch 18. Quiz on Chapters 15-18.
Finish working on Group Presentations on Frankenworld topics - to be presented on Tuesday.